Are you using the right size bubble wrap for your business? Choosing the wrong bubble wrap packaging can cost you money and customer satisfaction. Not all bubble sizes are created equally, which means you’ll want to carefully consider what bubble wrap product will work best for the items you ship. While small bubbles prevent scratches and scrapes, large bubbles cushion items from impact damage.

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What makes bubble cushion so effective and popular is that it has multiple uses. With the right sized cells, you’ve got a versatile and reliable packaging material with air-filled cells that easily conform to wrap (surface protection), pad (product cushioning), or fill an area without the need for extra effort.

Bubble Wrap cushioning reacts extremely well and passes the ASTM Test Method for altitudes and meets Gov’t Spec PPP-C-795D.


 Best Use: Void fill

These oversized cells are intended to fill the empty spaces in larger containers during bulk shipping of grouped items or consumer products.


Best Use: Custom products and heavy items

It’s ideal for wrapping around bulky items like mirrors and frames, sculpted artwork, and large fragile items that require more robust padding, surface protection, and shock absorption. It’s also ideal for shipping items or parts when other void fills are likely to flatten out, shift, or fail during transit.


Best Use: Moving purposes, protecting glassware, and storing fragile keepsakes

This is the most commonly used size, and is meant for protecting finished surfaces against scratches, dents, and chips while also cushioning lighter items against vibration. It’s also most often used in packaging and shipping standard commercial products like video screens, small kitchen appliances, and more.

AntiStatic Bubble Wrap (Pink)

Best Usage: Shipping electronics

This pink bubble wrap is different from other types of packing material because it is designed to slowly and safely dissipate electrostatic charge, as in protect electronics from static electricity during shipping. Electrostatic discharge (ESD) not only damages electrical components, but can harm human workers.

Combining Bubble Wrap Sizes

Best Usage: Keep items safe during shipping

For example, if you want to protect a TV screen from being scratched, you may want to use 1/8” bubble, buy you might also want to use a large bubble wrap size over top to protect against impact damage. It is certainly recommended to use more than one bubble size if you need to ship something fragile and/or valuable.

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