Many overlook the importance of selecting the right type of packaging tape, when in reality, it’s a critical element to your secondary packaging strategy. Incorrect packaging tape selection or application could result in product damage or theft, as well as damage to your reputation and relationship with your customer. From shipping to storing, cold to warm temperature, and everything in-between, there are many factors to consider when choosing the right packaging tape.

Adhesive Acrylic Carton Sealing Tape

Best Usage: This tape is great if you plan to put items in storage or are moving from one location to another.

  1. Also known as pressure-sensitive tape, packing tape, or clear packaging tape, and is best suited for long-term storage. It resists yellowing over time due to oxidation or exposure to sunlight, and it is ideal for applications that involve low and/or high humidity conditions, lightweight carton sealing/carton closing, as well as long term storage in stable normal, varying, or extreme temperatures.
  2. SealMax by TOTALPACK Adhesive Acrylic Tape is ideal for all surface types. This top quality storage and shipping box tape can firmly stick onto any surface; no matter if it is paper, metal, plastic, ceramic or porcelain, this reinforced packing tape will serve your needs, helping you keep your things perfectly and safely stored.
  3. This tape provides excellent clarity and controlled unwind to facilitate dispensing on manual or automatic case sealing machines. Acrylic tape is available in clear, tan, and colored rolls; sold in “by the case” quantities. This tape offers instant adhesion and is also beneficial in environments that require high speed case sealing, immediate palletization, or shrink wrapping of cartons.

Water Activated Paper Tape

Best Usage: This tape is ideally used for cartons containing heavy items, individual or different sized cartons, contents requiring protection from tampering, and automated or semi-automated case sealing.

  1. Water-activated tape (WAT), also known as gummed tape, is a form of paper tape with a water-based chemical adhesive that is reactivated by water which forms a permanent tamper-resistant bond with the carton. It retains its integrity if punctured, is recyclable, can withstand a wide range of environmental factors including dust, dirt, oil, extreme cold or heat, and one strip produces a sturdy seal, so it is ideal for ecommerce environments.
  2.  Reinforced Water-Activated Tape is made extra strong with fiberglass yarns that are strategically bonded to provide an extra margin of strength. It is not ideal for consumer type glossy, printed cardboard containers, where the wax or ink acts as a barrier between the carton and the water-activated adhesive.
  3. Water-activated tape applied with dispensers provide the best, most secure seal under almost all conditions. Although, application can be done manually by using a wet sponge or by using a tape machine/dispenser depending on needs. This tape consists primarily of white or natural color (Kraft) paper and starch-based adhesive.


  1. Water Activated Tape offers exceptional adhesion strength, flexibility, and performs well in varying applications.
  2. Water Activated Tape is tamper-evident and holds up to heavier shipments.
  3. Acrylic tape is ideal for packaging applications involving extreme temperatures such as refrigeration and for sealing boxes that will be warehoused over a long period of time.
  4. Both acrylic tape and water-activated tape are comparable in long term durability, but mostly make up for what the other lacks.

Keep your use, environment, surface, and preferred application method in mind when selecting the best tape for your needs. You are now equipped to know when to use which.

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