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Custom Rectangle Stickers by TOTALPACK®

Custom Rectangle Stickers by TOTALPACK®

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Custom Label Process

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Less than 1 minute


Size of the label

Label Color

Natural color of the label.

Roll Count

Amount of rolls per case.

Number of ink color(s)

Quantity of colors wanted to be printed on label.


If selected, must be from here.

Production Time

Amount of time needed for us to create your label.

Upload Artwork

Less than 1 minute

We would love it if you upload your artwork using our template.
However, you may send us what you have with added instructions,
and our designers will take care of the rest.

Here are the rules for printing, but don't worry our designers
will expertly adjust everything.

Create artwork with high contrast colors.
Pale colors are difficult to read.

Leave a space between colors by 0.0625".
Make sure the colors don't overlap or touch each other.

Make sure there is a space of 0.125"
from the top and bottom.

Create artwork 10" or shorter.

Upload images and designs in high resolution.

Wait for Digital Proof

12-48 hours

After you place the order, we will send over a digital proof before creating the label. Once you sign, we will start production.

Label Production

The time you selected

Once we start printing, your order will not be refunded or stopped.


1-5 business days

Once the order is printed we will ship is as soon as possible. Otherwise, you may choose to pick it up at our warehouse in Miami.