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Our History

TOTALPACK was established in 1991 by a determined and motivated husband and wife team who shared a dream. Every day, Robert Kweller went out “on the road” with borrowed tape and knocked on doors in hopes of selling tape while Nora supported his work “at the office”, a tiny warehouse rental space. An initial goal of 20 visits and 2-3 sales per day soon gave way to increasing requests for other products and by year’s end, this dedicated duo found themselves managing a 60 products product line with over 200 loyal customers. In 1992, warehouse space grew to 1,700 sq. ft. and increased into adjacent space over the following two years as well as an actual four-employee work force. Within four years, by 1996, TOTALPACK had grown to require a warehouse space of 40,000 sq. ft., a new office space of 4,000 sq. ft. and seven full time employees.

Oscar Tobon joined the team by 1997 as a talented multi-purpose worker; his experience in every position of the business within the next few years time made him a particularly valued asset, notably within the Air-cargo division, whose growth boomed significantly due to mandatory FAA certification regulations on air cargo supplies.

It was during this time that TOTALPACK enjoyed a three-digit growth rate yielding sales reaching $10 million by the year 2000, in great part due to secured contracts with two strategic vendors that allowed the fast growing company to capture over 80% of the market. In 2001, Robert decided to pursue the Action Tapes & Labels business of manufacturing custom printed tapes and labels, while Nora took full control over all the operations. Mr. Tobon was promoted to the General Manager position to support the company’s growth. The Company continued to expand its customer base by 2002 to include UPS, FedEx, British Airways and American Airlines, just to name a few internationally recognizable brands.

To overcome continuous economic challenges over the next decade TOTALPACK expanded to create a new division for government procurement, revitalized marketing efforts, developed a new sales force, and launched a new and exciting international division. Nora Kweller continues to remain true to her vision and mission which is to provide quality products at competitive prices, supported by excellent customer service, and empowering her customers to achieve their goals. Over the course of two decades and to date, TOTALPACK strives to be an innovative growth oriented company with the ability to succeed in any market.