TOTALPACK® 60.4 x 125 x 64" Air Cargo Net 1 Unit

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Exclusively manufactured in the U.S. under continuous FAA approval and certification (assuring uniform quality), our cargo net has significant advantages over any other cargo net on the market today.

This one-piece, knotted, woven polyester rope cargo net is the lightest in its class, and has been the choice of the world’s leading cargo airlines for over thirty years.

All our nets are resin treated to resist abrasion, cutting, ultra-violet radiation and water or oil absorption.

Its knotted construction prevents the net from unraveling if the cord is broken making it easier, faster and less expensive to repair than spliced nets.

The net may be repaired in the field using manufacturer’s patented and FAA Certified Bridge Straps which “bridge” broken diamonds saving time and money.

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