IntelliPack SmartBagger™ "Foam in Place System" - Free Rental with the Purchase of Chemical A, B*

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Ensure consistent, superior product protection by using the intuitive SmartBagger with Maxwell Intelligent Interface.

This foam-in-place system is ideal for high volume, medium to large applications that require cushioning or blocking and bracing to protect goods.

Designed with the operator in mind, the SmartBagger has endless customization options and robust features that deliver greater packaging process control and efficiencies.

This easy to use machine's robust interface empowers users with greater control and endless customization options to increase efficiency and productivity.

User Friendly: 

Customized interface for specific packaging operation needs
Maxwell interface takes the guess work out of packaging by displaying photos and videos for training or trouble shooting
Only IntelliPack A and B liquids are stored in clear containers allowing operators to visually see the amount of liquid remaining; prevents over-ordering and downtime

 Ergonomic Design:  

Open design makes loading quick, simple and safe
Adjustable height to fit operator

 Efficiencies Through Bar-Coding: 

Pre-programed package specifications
Insures consistent package protection every time
Eliminates waste and maximizes labor productivity

 ‹SMART Features: 

‹Cellular telemetry constantly monitors system parameters
Proactive preventative maintenance minimizes downtime
Tracks consumption and performance metrics
Smart modes include sleep and week functionality for energy conservation
Self-cleaning can be scheduled during lunch or between shifts to optimize productivity

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