TOTALPACK® High Security Truck Steel Seals Pin Locks - Yellow, 10 Units

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  • Bolt security seals are very durable and intended for high security applications, such as: Shipping containers, Trucks and trailers and Railcars
  • Anti-Spin Locking Mechanism
  • Prevents Tampering by Spinning the Pin or Barrel
  • Locking insert spins partly to confirm seal integrity
  • The ROTOBLOC Bolt Seal is an Anti-Spin Bolt Seal with unique Anti-Spin Features.
  • High impact plastic cover on locking pin clearly indicates tampering in case of tampering by spinning.
  • Tamper evident feature of numbered lugs on the Bolt breaks in case of tampering by spinning.
  • The ROTOBLOC Bolt Seal Fits on every Container Locking Mechanism and is suitable for sealing the hoof of the container.
  • High Security Bolt Seal which consists of a steel bolt and a plastic-coated steel locking chamber.
  •  The bolt is designed for ISO containers and high value shipments and is a special High Security Anti-Spin Bolt Seal.
  • Both the bolt and barrel have matching serial numbers, which are laser etched into the plastic covering.
  • For added security, if the shipping container has two hinged doors and only one latched keeper bar, we recommend cable seals wrapped around the keeper bars of both doors.
  • Metal Locking Pin and Metal Locking Body both encased in ABS Plastic and both serial numbered with laser.
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