TOTALPACK® - Hybrid technology, Stretch Film-Wrap for Moving & Packing

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Item # BP W x LBP Film ColorBP GaugeBP Rolls Per Case Price Per Box Add to Cart
SF18024 16" x 1500'Clear474 $38.89$38.08$37.01$36.21$34.87
SF18006 15" x 1000'Black1004 $45.94$44.99$43.72$42.77$41.18
RT9024 18" x 1000'Whtie851 $40.43$40.43$40.43$40.43$40.43
RT9025 18" x 1000'Green851 $46.02$46.02$46.02$46.02$46.02
RT9001 18" x 1000'Black851 $103.37$85.72$68.07$50.42$35.30

THICK, DURABLE SELF-ADHERING SHRINK WRAP FILM: This top quality stretch film wrap is made of incomparably durable, environmentally friendly and natural ingredients. In addition, it is made in the USA, it features a 40 - 100 gauge stretch thickness and it firmly sticks to itself, promising to serve all your packing, moving and shipping needs!

SAVING YOU UP TO 30% IN QUANTITY WHILE PROVIDING MAXIMUM QUALITY: The Totalpack shrink wrap film has been specially designed to stretch up to up to 300%. In this way, it saves you up to 30% of the quantity you would normally use while providing excellent quality.

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