Online shopping is at an all-time high. Companies that offer shipping options and use custom printed tape have reaped the most rewards.

1. Professionalism

First impressions make the biggest impact. That is why it is critical to put your best foot forward from the start. For example, at a job interview, you have already got your foot in the door by being asked to come in to interview, so you dress to impress because you want to stand out. Why not follow that same logic and impress customers with your custom printed packaging tape? Your product has already been chosen, so dress it up with professional branded packaging so it really stands out as exceptional.

2. Branding

How do brands go from being unknown to being household names? Branding. From the moment you ship your package until the moment it reaches the customer’s hands; many eyes fall on it to read the label and get it where it needs to go. It represents your brand. Either it’s a plain boring average-looking box, or it proudly displays your logo and message. Branded packaging tape shows you care about the details. This increases your brand value. Make your brand stand out and be recognizable with custom-printed tapes.

3. Logo Exposure Advertising

Think about it. Most of the boxes in transit right now look the same; a brown box, plain regular packaging tape, and only a shipping label to display the company name. Why waste all the precious space? Custom tape is a simple and effective element that makes your packages different than the rest, and it goes a long way. The more your logo gets exposed through the custom printed packaging tape, the more noticeable it becomes to many potential customers through the delivery process. Your brand starts creating a familiarity aspect due to all the exposure, meaning you’ve just expanded your potential customer base. Next time your brand is up against another, you are more likely to be chosen because you are recognizable, familiar, and clearly, your products are in demand.

4. Cost-effective Promotion

It’s clear that the more people are exposed to your logo the better brand recognition you’ll achieve. Customized print boxes are not only more costly but also require more storage space. An effective and more affordable option is branded printed tape. You need to seal your packages with tape, so why waste prime real estate with plain tape when you can pull double duty by sealing and self-promoting? When you use custom packing tape, your brand reaches customers on a larger scale - all eyes on your logo.

5. Tamper-Evident

Another great advantage of custom tape is that no one outside of your company has access to your tape. Custom branded tape deters tampering and pilfering as it would be quite obvious as opposed to standard tape that can be found anywhere and pass off as though the box has never been opened. Additionally, TOTALPACK offers customized packaging tape in both Hotmelt Polypropylene and Reinforced Water-activated options for all your packaging needs. 

Next time you get a package in the mail, notice how the “big guys” make sure to advertise their brand and proudly display their logo right on the packing tape. Also notice how professional and impressive something so simple comes across. You’ll be eagerly awaiting your TOTALPACK custom printed tape order so you can get to self-promoting, building your brand, and looking like a pro right away.

*Get 3 cases free with an order of 20 cases, or get 1 case free with an order of 10 cases. Valid only online September 2021.